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Império do Papagaio was the winner of year 2015 samba parade competition

Helsinki Samba Carnaval attracts tens of thousands of people on the streets of Helsinki. Finnish samba schools from different parts of Finland competed in the Finnish championships and two schools were in the parade just for fun.

The competition was extremely close last year. The winning school, Helsinki based Império do Papagaio, won with an unconventional theme, punk. With safety pins, mohawks and neon colors they impressed the judges as well as the audience. Tampere based União da Roseira came very close second with only 0,1 points in difference. Their theme was about memories and their samba school idol Mocidade.

Congratulations to all participating schools! The Finnish samba community showed yet again a glimpse of Rio in the middle of Helsinki.


1. Império do Papagaio, 109.22 points
2. União da Roseira, 109.12 points
3. Samba el Gambo, 107.53 points
4. Samba Maracanã, 107.25 points

Helsinki Samba Carnaval has won in the Helen's urban event competition

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Suomen Sambakoulujen Liitto (SSKL)

SSKL:n tehtävänä on yhdistää Suomen sambakoulujen voimat ja edistää sambaharrastuksen kasvua Suomessa.

Tärkein tapahtumista on vuotuinen Helsinki Samba Carnaval® - aito katukarnevaali Rio de Janeiron tyyliin!

Helsinki Samba Carnaval
taas kesäkuussa 2016

26. Helsinki Samba Carnaval järjestetään lauantaina 18.6.2016!

Baile do Carnaval

26th Helsinki Samba Carnaval will be organized on Saturday June 18th, 2016

Baile do Carnaval